555 Meaning: Angel Number [Spiritual Guide]

555 Meaning: Spiritual, Career, and Love Symbolism

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You have been noticing the number 555 often enough for the curiosity bug to come and bite you.

Now you want to know the meaning of this mysterious set of numerals that seem to pop out from everywhere.

You might have noticed them through everyday objects around you like the social media notifications on your phone, or your digital clock. Do you often find yourself waking up at 05:55 in the morning, and left wondering what it means?

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In this guide, you will learn:

  • What 555 means – spiritually, in love, and in business
  • What 555 and its symbolism in your career, other cultures and religions
  • Does seeing 555 mean pregnancy is inevitable?

Why Do You Keep Seeing Repetitive Numbers?

Ever wonder why it seems only you can notice this number? The answer is it is a personal message with a hidden meaning.

It is an angel number message sent through discreet means by a very secretive being, your guardian angel. If you want to find out what your angel’s name is, you may check out this guide.

Whenever you keep seeing 555, along with other repetitive numbers such as 505, 515, 511, it means your angels are trying to communicate with you.

It means that inevitable changes are coming your way. The number 5 also represents the concepts of hope, encouragement, guidance, and possibly an upcoming pregnancy.

Read this guide to learn more about angel numbers and the meaning of 555, your personal angel number. You may also check out what  angel number 5555 means if you keep seeing this number instead.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering what 555 means in twin flames, check out this twin flame guide to find out how it could impact your relationships.

Angel Numbers: Your Ultimate Guide

You may wonder why guardian angels need to be so discreet when they send their hints. Why can’t they just say it directly, or physically talk to us to ensure our safety and spiritual growth?

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It turns out, life does not work that way.

You still need to figure things out for yourself. Your guardian angels are mere guides to life and conduits of your prayers.

It works this way because God wants you to use your free will.

The Creator did not make you become a slave. Hence, He lets you roam free in the physical world so that you will develop your spiritual strength through your decision-making.

Through angel numbers, your guardian angel sends the answers to your prayers and gives hints to lead you to spiritual enlightenment.

555 Meaning: Spiritual Symbolism

Understanding the significance of the number 555 begins requires looking at its composition. In numerology, it is made up of the number 5 repeated three times.

Similar to angel number 515, the appearance of number 5 usually appears when major positive changes are about to happen in your life.

Your guardian angel wants you to be aware of an apparent transformation that is about to occur in your life.

You must keep in mind that change is inevitable and responding positively to change is the key to your spiritual development.

While different cultures and religions may have different interpretations of what it means, these are the traits that set us apart from most other creations of God.

It refers to our intellect, compassion, and ingenuity.

Therefore our 5 senses, five fingers on each hand, and 5 toes on each foot are symbolic. We are the only beings created in God’s likeness.

Seeing that the number 5 repeats itself 3 times, it connotes that the attributes of the number 5 are threefold in strength.

The number 555 suggests a dramatic change in your life.

You do not need to fret though, because these changes are about to happen because of the positive choices you made in the past and you are about to receive abundance in love.

If ever there is discomfort brought about by the changes, trust that these are temporary.

Remember: better picture will be painted once the smoke clears.

It is also a reminder for you not to be caught up in the past. There is a tendency for people to dwell on things that could have been to a point that tasks at hand are affected.

Always keep a positive mindset and that past missed goals are merely part of your training to be successful when it matters most.

5 Spiritual Meaning in Many Religions

While most people, most philosophies, belief systems, and even religions have varying symbolism of numerology, here are some of the most common symbolisms of the number 555.

  • In the Bible, 555 means to symbolize the Holy Wounds suffered by Jesus during his crucifixion.
  • In Buddhism, five or pañca is often rooted in the ‘hand’.
  • In Hebrew, the contraction הַנֶּ֨שֶׁר (translated: hanesher) adds up to 555 which is means “an eagle” which symbolizes clarity.
  • In Hinduism, it is believed that there are 5 main elements in the Universe: Dharti (Earth), Agni (fire), Jal (water), Vayu(air), and Akash(space). Also, the most sacred tree, Ashoka tree, has 5 leaves in every leaf.
  • In Islam, number 5 is considered a sacred number. In fact, Muslims pray five times a day.

Therefore, the main message of angel number 555 is that despite the changes and challenges you may be going through, you will find clarity and compassion to overcome these trials in your life.

It covers His love and compassion for mankind and depicts the responsibilities that man must uphold with his neighbors.

Angel Number 555: Meaning in Love and Relationships

Seeing 555: Signaling Pregnancy

Seeing the number 555 speaks well of a budding relationship. There is even a possibility that your guardian angel sent you 555 because of a new love interest that you have started dating.

As one of the main angel numbers signaling pregnancy, seeing 555 could mean change can be in the form of additional bundle of joy in your relationships

Focus on Strengthening Trust

It is best to explore and be open with your new potential partner so that you will have a leveled expectation with each other. This will work well for you in the future.

555 Meaning In Your Career or Business

Those who keep seeing 555 means a promotion is likely to be on the horizon. All your efforts are starting to get noticed and you are likely to receive the recognition and achievements you have been working hard towards.

If you are planning to start a new business, check out the importance of numerology in business here.

What To Do Next?

In summary, your guardian angel is telling you to place love and compassion in the center of your thoughts.

Ultimately, change may be inevitable.

However, maintaining a spiritual compass that points to abundance, love and compassion will bring out the positive effects of whatever change that may transpire.

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