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555 Meaning: Angel Number [Spiritual Guide]

Angel Numbers

Have you been seeing the 555 angel number almost everywhere lately? That’s such good news for you because the true meaning of this repeating number pattern is all about love, compassion, and care.

You will be surprised by how many different ways this might impact your life in terms of family, love, friends, and career. Keep on reading as you will be able to learn about it all in this most comprehensive and lengthy article.

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These repeating number patterns can appear in your life in so many different places. Did you see the 555 angel number on the number plate of the car in front of you while you were driving someplace?

555 Angel Number Meaning

555 Angel Number Meaning

And perhaps not too long after that, you saw the same repeating 555 numbers as part of someone’s phone number when they called you.

More likely these events which seemed more than just a coincidence kept appearing in your life...

Maybe even the clock in your house displayed 5:55 exactly when you were wondering what time it is.

The most important part, though, is that you have been seeing these numbers over and over again. It seemed like it couldn’t really be a coincidence, right? Well, because it really is not a coincidence at all. Here’s why.

Traditional Approach

555 angel number is one of the numerology combinations that many people believe your guardian angels are using to communicate with you.

It is believed that your guardian angels are not allowed to communicate with you in the most direct and obvious ways.

This is why they have to use very subtle ways to nudge you and make you notice all the messages they are trying to communicate across to you.

From what is known about them, your guardian angels instead might just quietly whisper in your ear at the right time and in the right place for you to look at that clock on the wall.

They might also arrange that specific car to suddenly get in front of your car so you “accidentally” have to pay attention to its number plate.

555 Meaning: Angel Number Spirituality

555 Meaning: Angel Number Spirituality

And the number plate of course has a visibly noticeable repeating combination of the angel number 555 looking right back at you. What a coincidence!?

But why would they use such methods to even communicate with you in the first place? What's their motive?

Well, it is believed that your guardian angels obviously want to look out for you and guard you.

They want to inform you of whether what you are doing is the right thing to do or not.

They want you to know what to expect in the future and what to prepare for.

This is where numerology comes in.

There are a lot of different combinations of these numerology angel numbers. Each combination has a specific meaning and message behind it. Today, however, we are specifically looking at the angel number that you’ve been noticing in your life. What is the meaning of 555?

While most people, most philosophies, belief systems, and even religions agree on the importance and impact of numerology, there are some differences you should definitely be aware of.

Takanta Approach

Takanta is a way of living that comes from ancient laws of the universe and the science of energy and vibrations that everything and everyone is made of.

Historically, only a few select people and a small group of inner circles had access to the old scriptures of Takanta’s secrets and philosophies.

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They clearly have done a great job at keeping it as something special, guarded, and well-protected since the information available about Takanta is scarce, to say the least.

Takanta has ancient scriptures

Takanta has ancient scriptures

While the secrets of Takanta philosophy seem to have been so carefully guarded, more and more of them are being uncovered.

Slowly, one scripture and one secret at a time.

Numerology, specific repeating number combinations, and repeating number patterns have always been a foundational part of Takanta.

However, the main difference you should know is that the logic behind Takanta’s Numerology is very unique and more advanced than others.

While, many other religions, philosophies, and belief systems share a lot of similarities in the way they calculate, translate, and interpret numbers…

Takanta is so much more ancient and time-tested that it doesn’t share a lot of similarities with others at all. You could say that it has aged and matured well while being in the protected hands of the far and few between who were allowed in on the powers of Takanta and its numerology wisdom.

Why Are These Numbers Appearing?

Now, there’s a particular reason why these numbers have been appearing in your life and why specifically you have been noticing these exact number combinations.

You see, every day we humans manifest our wishes, thoughts, and energies out into the universe. You are sometimes doing it consciously, but sometimes also completely subconsciously.

As you live your life, there are certain areas you are worried about more than others. There are certain areas in your life you want to improve more than others.

So, as you focus on them, your energy vibrations tune into the frequencies of the universe responsible for attracting to you messages, changes, and resources needed to help you solve what you’ve been focusing on.

Takanta is based on the laws of the universe

Takanta is based on the laws of the universe

Then, through Takanta Numerology, through angel numbers and secret hidden messages, you start to notice the help that’s arriving your way.

These could help you with your relationships, romance, or family.

They could also play an important part in your friendships or work and career.

You will learn about each of these areas specifically in detail below as you keep on reading.

The 555 Spiritual Meaning

To understand the spiritual meaning of 555, you first have to understand the meaning of every individual number this combination consists of.

In your case, it will be quite straight forward. This is because you’ve been noticing the angel number 555, which is a combination of only one number – five, also repeating itself three times.

Actually, the fact that it’s a triple number, instead of consisting only of two, or even four and more numbers is not an accident either.

It has a purpose. Actually, a very important purpose…

The amount of repeating numbers as well as the order in which they appear represent the strength of the meaning behind this number combination.

You will be able to learn more about how to understand and interpret the strength of these number combinations later below.

Individual Number 5 Meaning

In Takanta, the single number 5 represents Love. So naturally, this number also attracts to itself many synonyms and other words with similar meanings.

Some of those words include but are not limited to: relationships, protection, faith, humanitarianism, romance, self-love, altruism, empathy, compassion, affection, devotion, emotion, lust, friendship, passion, respect, and more.

The human hand symbolizes Takanta's number 5

The human hand symbolizes Takanta’s number 5

The meaning of love for the number 5 comes from the visual symbol that this number has been assigned in Takanta.

The symbol is a hand or an open palm. And the number comes from the five fingers.

With your hands, you can take care of someone, touch them, stroke them, pet them, or gift something to someone with an open palm.

Now you know the true Takanta meaning of this number and where it comes from.

Interesting and Important Facts About Number 5

Strength of 555 Angel Number

As promised earlier, now right here you will find out and learn about how to understand and interpret the strength of 555 meaning.

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In its most basic form, each numerology pattern combination tells a story. And just like any other story – there’s the beginning, the middle, and the end.

So let’s look at the angel number you’ve been noticing – 555:

  1. The first part of your number pattern tells you about how the upcoming event will arrive in your life. It represents how you will transition into this incoming change.
  2. The middle part of this numerology combination is the main event itself. It’s the core message of what’s about to happen in your life.
  3. And finally, the last part of these numbers represent the post-event period. The settlement time of all the changes and events in your life. It’s about how your life will look like, feel like, and how you will react once the changes have occurred.

On top of all of this, each of those parts, sections, and meanings of such number patterns become stronger and deeper whenever the number appears multiplied. Even stronger than that, when it appears in the sequence three times, and so on.

Takanta's Three Core Human Pillars

Takanta’s Three Core Human Pillars

As you may have guessed 555 meaning is a strong message which will affect your life in a very particular and certain way.

Three Core Pillars

Since the very beginnings of ancient times, Takanta has been known to have always revolved around three core pillars of human existence.

All of these pillars are very important for you to live a well balanced and healthy life.

These three pillars are:

  1. PremomaraFamily, relationships, love.
    The origin of this core pillar is considered to have been possibly derived from the Hindi term Prem which means affection and the Latin word Amore or Amare which stands for love.
  2. DostufilasFriendships, community, support.
    It is believed that this core pillar might have come from the Hindi word Dost, meaning friends. As well as the word Filos which in Greek also means friends.
  3. OposagoWork, career, growth, learning.
    In order to form the name of this pillar, the early ancient Takanta practitioners might have used the word Opus which means work in Latin. As well as the Japanese word Sagyō also meaning work.

Now finally let’s take a look at how and why the angel number 555 you’ve been noticing lately will affect each of these three areas of your personal life.

Premomara – Family, Relationships, and Love

There’s a good reason why this is the very first of Takanta Human Core Pillars. Since the day you are born, your closest and most important people in your life are your immediate family members.

Family, Relationships, and Love

Family, Relationships, and Love

In fact, quite obviously without your parents, you wouldn’t even be alive and exist in this world.

Of course, not everything in this world is ideal and perfect.

There are still times when people find themselves in situations of growing up and living without one or both of their parents.

In such cases, people can still have a quality life. It’s just that they would consciously need to make certain adjustments and changes.

However, that’s a whole different story in and of itself.

The Sweet Beginning

As you might remember, your 555 angle number consists of three parts: the beginning, the middle, and the end – just like any good story.

Since all three digits of this combination are number five, and as you now know, five means love - you are in for a treat.

You are in for a treat because it means that the way this number will arrive into your life will come gently, with peace, love, compassion, and understanding.

And that’s a good thing, because who wants an unexpected, shocking, and surprising life event arriving right in front of them all of a sudden out of nowhere, right?

Well, unless it’s a winning lottery ticket of course…

Premomara - Family, Relationships, and Love

Premomara – Family, Relationships, and Love

So ultimately, the first number 5 of this pattern means that what you are about to experience through and around your family, relationships or love life might arrive by some of the following gentle, loving, and peaceful ways:

Your loved one might gift you a truly thoughtful and loving present. Then, this gift itself would be the hidden meaning of the number pattern you’ve been seeing.

One of your relatives might invite you to a special occasion or a get-together. When you meet, that will be the moment when the relative would deliver the manifestation of the repeating numbers you are noticing.

Someone from your family might ask you to listen to them carefully because they are about to deliver an emotional and sweet message to you.

And in this sweet message itself, you will find the true meaning of the 555 angel number you have been seeing everywhere.

Also, if you have young kids in your family, they might gift you a very thoughtful and handcrafted gift that will contain the true core meaning of the three fives repeating number pattern.

However, if you are still single, 555 angel number’s meaning might also be brought into your life by meeting someone who you just don’t know yet to be that someone very special in your life.

The Loving Message Itself

Now you know some of the ways these changes may appear in your life. You can now avoid anxiety and worry that would normally come by not knowing how such events would arrive in your life.

However, now has come the time to focus on the change itself, the middle of your story, the core message.

The loving message - you will soon learn why it's called that.

Since the next digit in this 555 spiritual meaning is yet again number five, it yet again means that love, compassion, care, empathy, and affection are just some of the ways you could describe what might be coming your way soon.

Love, Family, and Relationship in Takanta

Love, Family, and Relationship in Takanta

This might come in the form of someone who you’ve been seeing and dating finally announcing to you that they would like to move forward and take things further with you.

It can also happen by one of your relatives finally being the first one to make the initial necessary steps to improve your relationship with them.

Or if you have children, the angel number 555 meaning might just manifest itself by suddenly your kids becoming more vocal and prominent in letting you know how much they love you or how your love for them means so much to each of them.

This can even mean that your children (if they are grown-up of course), might surprise you by announcing that they are expecting a new addition to their family, gifting you a grandchild.

The Time of Joy

And finally, this is the part where you learn about the time after the change has occurred in your life. Once the message of your angel number has materialized, the time of joy is ahead of you.

Here’s why it’s called the time of joy.

No doubt you remember that the final number 5 in your angel number pattern means the final part of the story, right?

This is the part that represents what your life will be like following the changes. It represents your personal outlook and behavior once the event arrives.

So this time around – yet again, number 5 still means love, including all the other words associated with it such as peace, happiness, protection, passion, and others.

Takanta's Premomara Core Human Pillar

Takanta’s Premomara Core Human Pillar

This ultimately means that just like the changes that your number pattern brought into your life came without any destruction, worries, anxiety, and stress, your life afterward will follow a similar route.

Here’s what it may look like in your everyday life.

The period after someone you have been seeing and dating finally admitting they are in love with you and would like to take things further with you will be filled with bliss, peace, and happiness.

This might mean moving in together, meaningful trips together, and improved romantic life.

In the case of the manifestation of 555 angel number coming to you by someone you love gifting you a present, this too will change your life for the positive and for the peace afterward.

The present might also be very practical but none the less it will make your life filled with more love, appreciation, affection, and happiness.

Even in such cases where someone from your family or relatives finally takes the first step in improving your relationship with them after a long time, will completely change how you both interact with each other.

It once again will be filled with love, understanding, and equal appreciation for each other once the message of 555 gets delivered in your life.

Dostufilas – Friendships, Community, and Support

You as a human are a very social being. You even subconsciously crave, and in fact, need other people around you in order to live a healthy, fulfilling, and well-balanced life.

Some people, of course, aren’t as extroverted and sociable as others and will not need as much social interaction as others.

Dostufilas - Friends, and Community Support

Dostufilas – Friends, and Community Support

Naturally, however, our friends and community are the next closest group of people to us, forming the second of Takanta Human Pillars, right after our family and relatives.

Let’s Begin with Love

Here again, we have to remember the power of number five. That is love, peace, compassion, affection, and similar.

Now, when it comes to Takanta Dostufilas, the second of Takanta Human Core Pillars, it’s not about romantic and intimate love, nor is it about family bonding type of care.

The 555 angel number will manifest its magic and arrive in your life through the support, care, and understanding that only true friends, closest community, and most trusted connections can provide to you.

Let’s take a look at how the arrival of its magical message and meaning could look like practically in your life:

One of your friends might invite you for lunch or some drinks in the evening.

When you sit down to enjoy your meal or drinks together with your friend, you might be told a very pleasant, loving, and affectionate message. This message will then become the 555 meaning.

There could also be a situation where some members of your closest community like neighbors, for example, get together to arrange something sweet and kind for you.

The manifestation of the repeating numbers will be in that which these people will have arranged for you.

Also, another way the meaning of these numbers might be brought into your life could happen through a more stealth move.

One of your friends might just do something kind and meaningful to you behind your back, without you even knowing.

This act of kindness would then be the loving change even that would occur in your life.

Kindness is the Message

Here comes the most fun part. Let me remind you again that you are very lucky. You are very lucky because all three individual numbers of the repeating angel number you’ve been noticing are number 5.

In the previous section, you learned how the holy message and the hidden change will arrive in your life when it comes to Takanta Dostufilas – Friendships, community, and support.

Now is the time to learn more about what the manifestation of these numbers you've been seeing could actually look like.

Here are just some of the scenarios you might encounter in your everyday life when the hidden message of kindness arrives in your life.

Let’s take the friend who would quietly behind your back without you knowing about it, do something kind and meaningful for you as an example.

Friendships, Community, Support

Friendships, Community, Support

The kind and meaningful act could mean taking care of some chores that you’ve been putting off for a while.

It could also mean that some of your friends could be complimenting you and praising you to others behind your back.

Isn’t that a nice feeling?

Now, how about that friend who might invite you for lunch or for some evening drinks to use it as an opportunity to tell you something or show you something?

Well, that friend might just tell you how much they care about you and how they are interested to listen to you and to your worries as they feel like something’s weighing you down.

They might simply be there for you to show care, compassion, love more than any other friend has ever provided to you.

Another change the 555 angel number meaning could bring to your life through Takanta Dostufilas could show itself by someone from your support group specifically helping you with some goal you’ve been wanting to achieve for a while.

Or they could simply show their love and support for you by boosting your confidence.

Self-Love Thereafter

You probably already know by now that this 3rd finishing part of your repeating number is where you find out what your life will look like, how you will feel and behave once the changes and the hidden messages of love by the 555 angel number take place.

Also, hopefully, you aren’t too surprised why this part is all about self-love.

Of course, it’s because we are still talking about number five which is all about affection, love, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and more.

So here are some specific examples that you may experience in your personal life when it comes to your feelings, experience, and day to day behavior once the true meaning of 555 manifests itself in your life through Takanta Dostufilas.

Takanta's Dostufilas Core Human Pillar

Takanta’s Dostufilas Core Human Pillar

Regardless of which of the above scenarios play out in your life as a manifestation of this spiritual number pattern meaning, you will certainly become more spiritually awakened due to the increased self-love you will be feeling afterward.

You could also expect that your confidence levels would increase noticeably which would be a natural byproduct of the self-love and self-appreciation you would experience after the changes, events, and hidden messages will be manifested in your life.

Interestingly enough, you might become more intuitive and more aware when it comes to noticing and realizing that so many of your friends, community members are thinking highly of you, vouching for you, supporting you, and loving you.

There should be literally no doubt about it left in your mind.

And here’s a very important and actually very fun part of how your life will improve once you’ve been blessed with the secrets of the angel number you’ve been seeing everywhere.

As you probably know by now, the universe is full of vibrations and frequencies attracting certain similar events to each other.

Since Takanta Dostufilas would bring such positive, compassionate, and love-filled experiences to you and your friendships in the first place – there might just be a lot more similar experiences attracted to you because of that.

In your case, it would mean that there could be new and valuable people entering your life who would become an important support for you.

As well as, existing people that have already been part of your life would begin to play a lot more important role in your life to help you live a more fulfilling and loving life.

Oposago – Work, Career, Growth, Learning

This third and final pillar is what will enable you to feel fulfilled. It’s how you raise your self-esteem. Often times it’s the ultimate way you can use to find your entire life’s meaning and purpose and learn how to serve the world as well as the people around you better.

It is believed that the ancient Takanta practitioners understood very early on the importance of Oposago in human life.

Oposago - Career, Work, Growth, and Learning

Oposago – Career, Work, Growth, and Learning

It seems to have played a big role in how people reached their highest potential, found recognition and appreciation from others around them for what they were able to achieve in their lives.

It’s fair to say that it’s pretty close to what role work, career, growth, and learning also plays still in our lives today.

It All Begins With Appreciation

Since we are still focusing on individual number 5 which repeats itself three times in the numerology pattern you’ve been noticing, we are still talking about love.

Needless to say, appreciation is a form of love. This is the running theme all throughout the final of Takanta Human Core Pillars.

Work, Growth, Career, and Learning

Work, Growth, Career, and Learning

Now you will find out how the hidden manifestation and the great changes will arrive in your life’s Takanta Oposago – the pillar which is is responsible for your personal work, career, growth, and learning.

Let’s take a look at some real-life scenarios you might encounter:

Your employer might ask you to come over for a talk.

They may also send an email or call you. Either way, they wouldn’t just shock you or surprise you out of nowhere.

Again, remember that number 5 is about peace, love, appreciation, and as such the methods above and similar would be what your employer or manager might use to deliver the manifestation to you calmly and gently.

It could also be that your work colleague out of nowhere surprisingly starts to communicate with you more than usual. They might become friendlier than before towards you. Keeping professional ethics in mind, of course.

Frankly, if your job is customer-facing, even customers themselves might gravitate towards you and what you do more than usual.

However, if you are self-employed or a business owner, you might just notice that your employees or clients are finding more and more peaceful and loving ways to get closer to you and communicate with you more.

Now, throughout all of the examples above – someone messaging you, emailing you, wanting to talk to you, meeting you, or getting closer to you, there’s one pattern in common amongst all of them.

Takanta's Oposago Core Human Pillar

Takanta’s Oposago Core Human Pillar

This pattern is that all of these ways are peaceful, loving, caring, and kind channels through which the appreciation (the meaning of 555 number) will manifest and arrive into your life.

It’s about time you find out what this appreciation will look like practically through the prism of Takanta Oposago pillar.

Receiving Gratitude and Recognition

Here’s probably the most exciting part of this pillar. In this core part of the repeating number pattern meaning, you will learn about the main message this manifestation will bring to you.

In professional settings like work, career, and business, people still show acts of love.

However, love usually looks a lot different in such settings compared to home life, family, and personal relationships.

Within the professional world, that love could look like appreciation, recognition, and gratitude people give to each other for their work accomplishments, for their career growth, their customer service, and more.

So this middle part of the 555 spiritual number you’ve been seeing everywhere is all about the kind of love mentioned above.

Now let's dive in deeper to understand how this might look like in real-life situations.

If your employer invites you for a talk, emails you, or calls you, this might just be the way they will let you know how much they recognize the value of your work and achievements.

This could even turn into a promotion, raise, or a bonus.

Oposago - Growth, Career, Work, and Learning

Oposago – Growth, Career, Work, and Learning

When your work colleague starts to communicate with you more than usual and starts to become friendlier than before (in a professional manner of course), you are about to receive recognition and gratitude from them for how good work they’ve noticed you are doing.

They might even see you as a mentor and inspiration for growth and achievement so they could spend more time learning from you.

In the case of you being self-employed or a business owner, the partners or clients who would be trying to find ways to get closer to you to find better ways to communicate with you more frequently might be actually doing so in order to bring more business to you.

That’s how they might show the gratitude, recognition, and appreciation they have for the work you do.

Continuous Growth and Development

Finally, we are at the end of this ultimate guide helping you understand the true 555 spiritual meaning. Now just like it was with Premomara and Dostufilas, in this last and finishing section of Takanta Oposago, it’s all about the conclusion, it’s about your life after the changes integrate into your life.

The importance of Career, Work, Growth, and Learning

The importance of Career, Work, Growth, and Learning

How do you usually feel when you receive words of recognition, acts of appreciation, and notice the gratitude people around you have for the work you do and your accomplishments?

Probably it feels amazing, uplifting, and comforting, right?

And as a result of you experiencing such emotions and feelings, normally there’s a particular path you’d take going forward.

The path of continuation.

You’d be inclined to continue doing the things you did before, the things you did to receive all of the appreciation, gratitude, and recognition.

You would do them even better.

So that’s what life has in store for you after the hidden message and the changes of the 555 angel number you’ve been seeing everywhere manifest themselves through the Takanta Oposago pillar.

Let’s take a look at what it actually might look like in your day to day life:

After your employer notices and praises your work and even offers you a raise, promotion, or bonus, your work satisfaction will obviously improve.

With that, you will feel more fulfilled doing your work than you ever thought possible before.

When your work colleagues let you know how much they appreciate the work you do and when they let you know how much you inspire them to do better, your motivation will receive a great boost.

And what’s better than feeling motivated in your work going forward, right?

As a result of your customers and clients pointing out and recognizing the level of your customer service, you will only do better from then on. You will even feel like you have a greater purpose and meaning to keep doing the work you do.

Takanta's 555 Meaning Spiritual Guide

Takanta’s 555 Meaning Spiritual Guide

Finally, if you are self-employed or a business owner and your clients you would end up having a lot closer connection with your employees, clients, or partners.

This would, in turn, make you more fulfilled, and motivated to continue to grow and develop your business.

What to Do next?

First of all, well done, and a massive congratulations for getting to the very end of this in-depth guide about the 555 spiritual meaning you’ve been seeing all around you.

That was a whole lot to go through – more than 5,312 words of pure value.

Great to know there are people like you who are so dedicated to living their best life ever, finding their purpose, and manifesting and attracting everything you’ve ever wanted in your life.

Going forward, ultimately you are the only one who knows what’s to come your way. Why?

Because as you learned earlier above in the part called “Why are these numbers appearing?”

These changes and manifestations will take place in the area of your life that you’ve been focusing on the most recently.

So whether it would be Premamora pillar responsible for your family, relationships, and love; Dostufilas and its focus on your friendships, community, and support; or Oposago doing its magic in the work, career, and learning aspects of your life, you have to keep your eyes and mind open.

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Make sure you have the full faith and belief that the universe wants to protect you and has your best interests in mind and at heart. Soon one of the three Takanta Human Core Pillars will treat you very well.

Be ready to receive the love and blessings coming your way.