About Takanta

Takanta is one of the oldest global community of New Age lifestyle enthusiasts and believers. Since 1996 (through SpiritLink), it is where you can find the most comprehensive crystals and numerology guides, as well as learn more about other holistic ways on how you can live your best life.

Our community of wellness and holistic living experts aim to help you explore and discover the most comprehensive resources about gemstones and crystals aimed at helping you combat modern-day stress and achieve your desired reality.

About the team

We have over 30 years of combined experience studying and covering extensively a number of topics and tags from spirituality, well-being, crystals, and numerology. Some of our works have been published on some of the most respected lifestyle publications including Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, and many others.

Crystals Expert Ellie Martin

Ellie Martin is Takanta’s chief editor and content director. Since 2014, she has written for some of the most prominent lifestyle and business publications including Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Huffington Post.

At Takanta, she helps us ensure we search for the most extensive sources that result in the most comprehensive and ultimate guides you will ever find about crystals, their properties, and healing benefits. Her favorite crystals are blue crystals. You may connect with her via Twitter.

Crystals Expert Melody Hartley

Melody Hartley with 5 years of full-time writing and editorial experience, Melody brings to Takanta her passion and deep interest in everything spiritual and esoteric. She grew up with parents instilling in her the importance of being in check with her soul. Her favorite is orange calcite.

Meditation, incense sticks, together with healing crystals, are just a few of her interests. Her works have been featured and quoted on many top publications including Huffington Post, Cosmo, among others. Email her at: melody@takanta.com

Crystals Expert Emma Mellor

Emma Mellor has also a decade of experience working for the health and fitness industry. At Takanta, she focuses on exploring what allows us to rebuild and strengthen our body’s spiritual connections.

Her favorite crystal? Amethyst – it comes as no surprise, she’s written the comprehensive guide about it with almost 20k words! Emma is dedicated to learning and sharing a lot more for the benefit of the lovely well-being and health-conscious community of Takanta. Email: emma@takanta.com

Brittany McPeek

Brittany McPeek recently graduated from Rutgers University with a major in Human Resource Management and Labor Studies.

She enjoys learning about crystals, stones, and the various healing properties and benefits they have. Currently, she is on a mission to publish many interesting research and insights into various healing crystals and their benefits.

Margie Entienza is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher. She is also certified and registered YACEP® aerial yoga instructor. Margie is passionate about sharing all things yoga, mindfulness, and in helping others listen to their inner selves and find the courage to step out of their comfort zones.

On top of her busy yoga teaching schedules, she’s passionate about advocating mental wellness and mindfulness. Margie is also on a mission to promote the benefits of various healing crystals and gemstones. Her fave: rose quartz!

Kelly Sparks being the full-time editor, researcher, and writer at Takanta contributes tremendous amounts to the world of spirituality. She is very passionate about sharing all things mysticism, spirituality, and overall holistic well-being with the world.

Moldavite crystals are some of the most mysterious and likable healing crystals in the world” Kelly describes them herself. You might not believe it until you see one in real life.

Hare Söylemezoğlu is our in-house 3D visualization designer. With her extensive graphic and industrial design background, she helps bring different crystals come to life.

She is passionate about creativity and all things mindfulness. She is also on a mission to explore and showcase the benefits of healing crystals, celebrity birthstones, and gemstones.

Leena Slater oversees the research and development. It’s a natural progression for a natural bookworm who can skim through and gobble up to 20 books in 3 days. As a a zodiac sign believer, she’s obsessed with these crystals for Taurus.

It’s no mean feat, and we’re lucky to see her channel all these energies in our ultimate guides

Claire Hillary Lane is our resident crystals expert and gemologist. After discovering crystals and gemstones and their healing powers 8 years ago, she has dedicated her life to studying their metaphysical and healing benefits. Her personal favorite: rose quartz!

We hope you appreciate her dedication to the quality and length of all the articles she’s written for our crystals community.

Sheila Martin Berry has over 40 years of experience in the legal industry. She helps individuals who were wrongly convicted of crimes through her non-profit, Truth And Justice.

As a published author, she wrote many books on law and spirituality through SpiritLink since 1996. Best known for their healing properties, amethyst is thought to be her favorite. 

Al Varghese specializes in accounting and finance and helps us manage all aspects of financial matters within Takanta.

As our accountant, he also helps us on track and ensure the lights are open. His favorite crystal? Bumblebee Jasper.

Manny Lopez helps keep our operations smooth by helping take care of the research and development.

As an avid surfer and meditation practitioner, he also helps ensure that everything running smoothly within Takanta. He may not admit it, but blue crystals are thought to be his favorite.


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