Dreaming of Angels: What Does it Mean? [GUIDE]

Have you recently been seeing angels in your dream?

Did they appear flying or perhaps you only had a glimpse of its wings? Or perhaps singing you a lullaby?

Dreaming about angels is not uncommon and perhaps one of the most popular dreams among teenagers and adults alike.

Why Do You Keep Seeing Angels?

Seeing angels appearing in your dreams could symbolize actually being visited by angels, without vividly remembering all the details of the angel visitation.

In this guide, let us explore what does seeing angels in your dreams mean for you spiritually, professionally, in your love life, or simply in your life in general.

Angels appear in our dreams as a general reminder that you might have been delaying making an important decision in your life.

You guardian angels are reminding you of your divine capabilities to make decisions and seeing them in your dreams are a gentle nudge you needed in your life to take that necessary plunge in your life.

You may also be at a stage in your life where you felt the need for protection.

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Your Guardian Angels are offering you the comfort and guidance you needed at such as vulnerable moment in your life.

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In the guide, you will explore the symbolisms of angel numbers and their significance in your life, whether it be in your career, spirituality, or relationships.

Here are some of the most common ways your guardian angel may be manifesting itself through your dreams.

Why angels appear in your dreams

Waking up after seeing an angel means that the Divine power is protecting you.

Even if everything seems out of control in your life right now, appearing angels in your dreams is a gentle reminder that there is always someone watching over you to help you through tough times in your life.

Seeing angels in your dreams mean that you will find the courage to get you the toughest obstacles in your life right now.

Talking to angels

Whenever your dream involves speaking to your guardian angel, it means that you are about to receive the much needed guidance to help you get through the crossroads you have been stuck into.

Flying angels in your dreams

An angel flying in your dream could mean many things depending on its context. When the angel flies close to you, it means you are in danger, but a higher power is protecting you.

Having the angel fly away from you indicates that you need to strengthen your faith or to practice charity more.

Dreams like this indicate you should think about the actions you are taking and make some changes. These actions will help you grow as a person.

You dream of being an angel

When you dream of being an angel yourself, you should focus on helping those around as they might need your help.

Be more attentive of people’s needs and be sensitive of unspoken words.

Seeing yourself as an angel in your dreams means that there are people around you who rely on you when the going gets tougher.

It also means you need pursue your mission in helping others whether it be volunteering in a local shelter, or simply doing random acts of service to others in your own little ways.

Without you realizing it, you may be seen as a guardian angel by someone close to you.

Seeing the death or dark angel

If you dream or see the angel of death in your dreams, you will probably face a challenging time in your life. Fortunately, such tribulations will not last, and a new era of peace will soon follow.

Dreaming of angels with broken wings

The loss of an angel’s wings indicates your relationship will undergo turmoil. It is crucial that you remain vigilant and don’t lose everything. When you fall together with angels, it means your partner is close to you, walking side by side.

Dream of seeing many angels

Having many angels in your dreams indicates you have a lot of friends you can trust. Angels appearing in your dream are equal to the number of true friends you personally have.

Therefore, this dream shows you how many friends you have and you can choose whom to be around.

Seeing golden angels in your dreams

The golden angel is a symbol of good news, but also of a warning, as it suggests your career must advance, but you must take the right steps to make it happen.

Vision of crying angels

Angels crying symbolize the need to go through a process of self-evaluation and think more about what you do in real life. The dream tries to make you realize that you did something terrible and you will regret it later.

Dream of an angel smiling

Dreaming of a smiling angel holds special meaning, especially when one is looking for love! When the angel smiles, his shadow signifies that you will soon find your true love.

If you have been seeing angels more often in your dreams, it means that angel visitations have become more frequent.

Depending on which circumstances you have seen them in your dreams, it may be a gentle reminder for you to be more mindful of your affairs and seek balance in your life.