Angel Number 123: Meaning and Symbolism

(Last Updated On: 7th Jan, 2023)

You may have seen or noticed the angel number 123 frequently enough to feel that it is not a coincidence. Your gut feel is indeed correct because these are not mere digits popping out to greet you.

This is a personal message from your guardian angel telling you to pay attention.

If this is the first time you have encountered angel numbers, you do not need to be scared.

In this guide, you will learn the basic concept of angel numbers and unravel the angel number 123 meaning.

Subtle Signals from your Guardian Angel

Throughout your life, you may have neglected that guardian angels play an important function. Their presence is not limited to prayers and literary figures. They are by no means fictional.

Guardian angels are directly sent by God to guide your everyday affairs and send your prayers to Him.

As such, they have exceptionally good knowledge about who you truly are and what is best for you. However, they cannot blatantly make their presence felt for this will offset the natural balance of the physical world.

Also, it would compromise your free will, which is the covenant set by the Supreme Being Himself. To circumvent this obstacle, your guardian angels use spiritual numbers.

Being creations of God, they are also subject to the universal system of numbers. This allows them to use specifically sequenced numbers to send messages to us.

These are called angel numbers. Guardian angels send this through inconspicuous means.

It may be through your email, your wristwatch, in your dreams, or even the book you are reading. Seeing the number 123 repetitively, your message was likely sent this way as well.

Important Message of Angel Number 123

You should feel extremely blessed receiving angel number 123. This particular message is only sent to people during crucial points in their lives.

Your guardian angel has placed their favor upon you and is telling you to heed their advice.

You are probably at a point in your life where simplicity has become distant.

Angel number 123 is telling you to align your life to an environment of simplicity. This will be essential for you to attain your short, medium, and long-term goals.

Similar to episodes in children’s films like Sesame Street, angel number 123 aims to teach you to go back to basics.

Loading yourself with too many distractions leaves you fatigued and stagnant in your life.

Take a look at all technology that you might have surround yourself with. Bugging you down in the process.

You should not be fooled by its promise of automation, especially when it leads you to countless hours in social media or online games.

Stay focused. You must remember to use technology for what it is, a tool for humanity, and not the other way around.

Meaning in Love and Relationships

You must prepare yourself because of the major changes you are about to experience. Angel number 123 is a strong sign that transformation is knocking at the door of your relationship.

If you are currently in a good and stable relationship, it beckons you to take the extra step. Now could be a good time to plan for your wedding.

Your positive energy must be working magnificently with that of your partner’s and both of you must take advantage of this rarely attained level of understanding.

Angel number 123 may be telling you that you have found your lifetime partner in this case.

However, if your relationship is on the negative side, it could be a good time to consider breaking it up.

Your guardian angel is sensing a massive leak of your positive energy and has sent you angel number 123 as a warning.

What To Do Next?

The angel number 123, as with the others, cannot be taken solely as good or bad.  It is a piece of advice from the Universe to you.

It is taken from spiritual number 1, which suggests a new creation and believing in yourself. The number 2, which signifies balance and duality.

Lastly, the number 3 tells you about reaching your potential.

The best action for you to take is to step back and look at your daily activities and learn to prioritize. That way, you will set your eyes on the prize and things that matter the most: your family and loved ones.

Segregate the ones that offer no positive outcome. Now is the time for you to prioritize positivity in all your undertakings.

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