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Angel Numbers: Meaning & Symbolism [Spiritual Guide]

Angel Numbers Guides

“Angel of God, My guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here”, these are the first words of a very popular prayer that the majority of us recited growing up.

Most of us learned this through word of mouth and was passed on to us by our families. However, this prayer has been around for centuries. St. Anselm is credited for this prayer during the 11th century and is quite miraculous how the prayer lives on for almost a thousand years.

Angel Numbers Meaning, Symbolism, and Significance

Angel Numbers Meaning, Symbolism, and Significance

Could it be through divine intervention that somehow, the concept of guardian angel messages is still alive and is embedded in people at a very early age?

There must be a good reason why the belief in guardian angels has withstood time, and most spiritualists point to the idea that they are indeed real.

We are used to the process of saying our prayers, our deepest intentions, fears, and penances, a one-way communication.

However, several signs are pointing that angels have been subtly communicating divine messages with us through various signals, including repetitive series of numbers - also known as angel numbers.

What are Angel Numbers?

Belief in angels and their Divine messages is a universal concept that transcends culture and time. Angels have been present in the majority of the world’s dominant religions since Ancient times. In Islam, they are called Malaikah, while they are often referred to as Deva or Pinyin in the Buddhist religion.

In the Roman Catholic faith, Pope Francis went to the extent of endorsing the belief in guardian angels in his sermon in October 2018. The Church leader said that without the guidance of guardian angels, men and women become stagnant and place “their life on hold”.

Pope Francis supported this with a message that said, “So many people don’t know how to walk or are afraid of taking a risk and they remain still,” and ended with “the angel helps us, he pushes us to walk”.

This is proof of how strong the concept of guardian angels is that even global figures, like Pope Francis, endorse their beliefs openly.

Angel Numbers – a Medium to Reach Us

Knowingly or unwittingly, the majority of us believe in angels and that they communicate with us. Angels are said to be intermediaries between God and man. They do not have the same physical form as human beings, yet they possess Great Powers and an equal amount of compassion for us.

They are believed to have been tasked to relay our prayers to the Supreme Being and guide us in our everyday lives. Relaying our prayers may be done without us knowing, but how could these angels guide us without an active manner of influencing our decisions?

What Do These Angel Numbers Mean?

The answer is that they communicate with us in the form of angel numbers. Angel numbers are series of digits that symbolize the messages of our Guardian Angels. They are meant to guide our decisions or tell us something important, especially when we’re at crossroads in our lives.

It may sound hard to believe, but many experts have a logical explanation for how they work.

How Do Angels Communicate with Us?

Our guardian angels are our lifelong partners, and they use angel numbers to guide and inform us about important aspects of our lives. Being metaphysical creatures, guardian angels cannot communicate with us blatantly. They work most subtly as to not interfere with how humanity, the world, and the universe works in general. Likewise, they also keep in mind the “free will” concept which, as the Bible states, one of the most powerful gifts God has given us.

The only way they could influence us is by dropping inconspicuous breadcrumbs to lead us where we need to go. To do this, they make use of the universal language of numbers.

Despite their tremendous power, angels are still subject to the law of the universe which is governed by a holistic mathematical formula.

By sending out a specific series of digits, which have corresponding meanings, we humans are given significant hints on urgent matters in our lives.

However, being sent messages is one thing, and being able to recognize and receive them is another.

Messages are Usually Hidden in Plain Sight

Your guardian angels are extremely careful to maintain a subtle nature and not compromise our free will. This is why angel numbers are messages hidden in plain sight. Have you ever noticed numbers that seem to repeatedly appear to you?

These could come in your dreams, at the car in front of you on the road, in your alarm clock, or while scanning through a magazine.

Seeing these numbers are by no means a coincidence.

These are angel numbers that are sent by your guardian angels. It could bring useful tips about your relationships with loved ones, business ventures, career, and could even shield you from grave danger. It is up to you to be on your toes and notice these important advisories. It also helps to research the basic meanings of these useful codes.

Most Common Angel Number Combinations and Their Meanings

Here are some of the angel numbers you a lot of us must have had episodes of encountering. They could have different meanings and significance as you overcome different challenges and have to make various decisions in your life. You must be aware of them and positively use them.

111 – It All Starts In the Mind

As the number 1 suggests, this angel number symbolizes spiritual awakening. It could be that you have raised your level of spiritual awareness and the universe notices this. This is why it is important to keep positive things, or the things that you want, in the center of your intellect during these times. The spotlight is on you and your Spirit, so it is best to paint the most positive picture.

222 – This Sequence Suggests Balance and Positivity

It is a form of encouragement from your guardian angel which means you should continue to practice and build up positive thoughts and actions daily. Take time to let your dreams unfold. The Universe notices your efforts and will provide what is missing to maintain the much-needed balance in your life. It all starts with balancing out the negativity in your thoughts.

333 – It is an Inspirational Message that Says You are Capable of Special Things

The angel number 3, repeated thrice, represents Divine Beings and your angel is encouraging you to call upon them. Through faith, you will be able to achieve your desired spiritual growth and alignment. Ultimately, you will reach your goals and deepest desires no matter how many obstacles may be present. Find out the spiritual meaning of angel number 333 here.

444 – You Will be Surrounded by More and More Stability and Foundation

While number 4 may not be present in Chinese numerology due to bad luck associated with it, this number generally connotes stability and foundation. Do not let predicaments mar your spirit. As the number 4 suggests, your guardian angels are reminding you that they are also part of your foundation. Therefore, they will stick with you no matter what.

555 – You are About to Reach a Major Crossroad in Your Life, Perhaps Even Love

This angel number means not only a major change but also a shower of abundance and love is about to happen in your life. Whether it be a promotion or a raise that you have been working hard towards, an additional part of your family, or simply finding a new companion or friend for life. Do not take it as a positive or negative thing, but rather an event that will lead you to a higher sense of self-fulfillment. Read more about the angel number 555 here. If you keep seeing 5555, find out what it means here.

666 – Some New, Big, and Amazing Opportunities are on Their Way to You

Despite the negative or devilish connotations of this number, the combination of numbers actually represents an important message from your Angels. You may have been experiencing self-doubt recently as you make plans for your future, or about to take on new projects. Time to get rid of those shackles that are binding you, and make way for positivity and self-empowerment as you are about to face some of the biggest opportunities in your life. In this article, find out what angel number 666 actually means!

777 – Rest Assured That You Are Doing the Right Thing and Are on The Right Path

It is a clear message of confirmation from your angel that you are moving towards the right path in your life and building something better for yourself. Keep your eye on your inner guidance, let your innate intuition guide you, and always make sure you stay on target with your dreams.

888 – It’s Time to Show Gratitude and Say Thank You to Those Who Deserve it the Most

It symbolizes the gentle reminder from your Protector to thank the Universe for blessings and miracles that come to your way and trust that everything should always work out for the most good of all. In all things, look at how you can be grateful whether it be for the second chances, new opportunities, or the little wins that you experience on a daily basis.

999 – This is Time to Bring Things to Completion Finalizing the Full Cycle

Since life is full of cycles, the number 9 reminds you that “all things end” or come to a “completion.” You might see 999 or a split angel number like 909 on a license plate as you drive away from your high school or college graduation ceremony. It is a reminder that you need to wrap up certain periods in your life so you can move to the next chapter of your best life – it can be your first or a toxic relationship. Time to stop clinging to these pages so you can progress towards the best chapters of your life.

1010 – The Number Ten Symbolizes Constant Change and Flowing Energy

Your angel is urging you to spend more time on your personal growth, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment. Don’t lose track of what you need to do and remain focused.

Other Frequently Noticed Angel Numbers

22 – Have the courage to do what you need to do

44 – Angels are close by and will always be there to support you

123 – Focus and appreciate the simplicity around you

313 – Embrace your uniqueness and maintain your enthusiasm

505 – Focus on your strengths so you can achieve your higher goals

511 – Significant changes are about to happen in your life

515 – Ready to experience transformation in your life

606 – You have the power to change the course of your life

707 – Focus on your overall learning and progress

711 – Your angel wants you to prepare for an upcoming change in your life

717 – You and your partner are ready to take your relationship to the next level

818 – Certain phase of your life is about to end

909 – You are about to experience a breakthrough in your relationships

911 – You are approaching a higher level of consciousness

919 – You are on the verge of creating something special. Do not be discouraged

1133 – Crucial stage in your life is about to change

1313 – Speak your mind and have courage

1144 – Strengthen your self confidence so you can achieve your goals

1313 – Speak out your mind and focus on positivity

5612 – You are experiencing spiritual elevation

Angel Numbers For Different Aspects of Your Life

Depending on which aspect of your life you may be currently focusing on, you may check out which angel numbers signal whether it be success, money, love, or new beginnings for you. You may also want to check out twin flames to find which numbers are signalling changes in your love live/relationships.

Continue to Focus on Positivity

These are just examples of the most common angel numbers and what they generally mean. Be aware that a multitude of blessings are present in this world and they are yours for the taking if you lean on your faith. You are here on Earth on a special mission, and what these angel numbers mean may vary at different stages in your life.

The concept was never imposed on anyone. Yet it has survived time and continues to deliver positive messages that could help guide you when you need it the most.

It symbolizes the Angels ability to help us in times of need.

They may be subtle in nature, but once you develop the habit of noticing these little nudges, your life will eventually be blessed.

You will be enveloped with love, inspiration, and more positive vibrations as you make your way through life and live the life you’re empowered and destined to fulfill.