Angel Numbers for Love: Discover the [SECRET] Message!

If you keep seeing repetitive numbers on a more regular occurrence, it may start to feel weird and make you a bit anxious.

It makes you wonder whether the Universe is trying to tell you something. Are these love angel numbers?

If that’s the case, the Universe and your guardian angels, are indeed trying to send you a message.

How Your Angels Are Communicating With You

Angel numbers are thought to be one of the ways your divine protector is trying to communicate with you.

As you see repetitive or often triple digits pretty much everywhere on a much more frequent basis, these numbers are your angels’ ways to remind you of your Divine calling in this world.

As you may be experiencing pivotal decisions in your life, you will notice that these angel numbers tend to attract your attention more often.

Seeing Repetitive Numbers More Often

Whether you are toying with the idea or deciding whether to move to a new city or country, change your career, or whether to move on from your existing relationship, these signals tend to ‘haunt’ you.

It may innocently start from your alarm clock showing 6:66, or a car plate number in front of you simply keeps flashing 555, or you see the same number again on your phone’s electronic clock.

Other times, it may simply be in the form of social media likes such as 44, or 55.

Angel Numbers for Love

As you learn more about angel numbers, you will feel that your protectors are sending you messages of care and protection.

These love angel numbers are there to remind you that you matter and that your thoughts are being heard and seen by your angels.

Based on the tenets of numerology, each number is connected to specific vibrational energy or frequency.

Rooted in Ancient Times

In Ancient times, these numbers have been known for their significance from Egyptians inventing the first ciphered numeral system in 3000 BCE until the early first millennium CE.

Using similar principles, the Greeks are known to have mapped their numerology counting numbers onto Ionian and Doric alphabets.

Ultimately, numbers still carry its significance in the modern-day influence of Roman numerals in our daily lives.

Now, you might start wondering why do your angels keep showing you these numbers, and which ones, in particular, signify love?

It can be in terms of a new relationship, a new bundle of joy in the family, rekindling with old romance, or simply experiencing further self-enlightenment, or self-love.

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The loving message of angel number 111 means a relationship is about to start anew with someone.

Dreaming of it or seeing it during waking hours signifies you are about to embark on a new journey in your love life.

Though you have just ended your failed relationship, your life is about to be enriched with a new and perhaps unexpected love.


The angel number 15 is one of the few angel numbers known to symbolize love. If you haven’t experienced being with someone for quite a while, you will soon come to experience feeling loved.

A feeling of clarity will also come over you regarding the direction you want to go in your love life.

You will receive guidance on how to make big, pivotal life decisions based on this new love. Love will inspire you to take big risks.

The air will fill with a hum of joy, butterflies in your stomach, and romantic songs playing in the background, because of love.


Similar to angel number 1111, the numbers 515 and 555 are love angel numbers which also indicate changes in your life. The change will be pleasing as it also encapsulates your life with love. This is a sign of being connected with who you are and attaining greater self-love.

When you discover the greatest form of love – learning to forgive and love yourself – you will be stronger in your ability to face challenges.


Often associated with change, angel number 555 means you’re likely to meet someone who will become a significant part of your life.

Your angels are sending you messages of peace, encouraging you to let go of the regrets of the past.

Replacing Self-Doubts with Self-Love

Accepting that your past mistakes are simply lessons.

It will give you the strength to overcome all the hurdles that are preventing you from becoming your best self.

Get rid of the negative vibrations.

Put away your self-doubt.

Embrace your tragic emotions and accept them as part of you.

The rest of your life is yet to be written.

Your angels are there to love you,

Urging you to love yourself more than anything.

What Do Other Angel Numbers Mean?

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