Angel Numbers for Manifestation [LIST]

Our Guardian angels are known to guide us through whenever we hit crossroads in our lives.

Whether it be an important decision has to be made, you need to move to another city, or ready to take on new challenges in your life.

The guardians of the Universe are known for communicating with us to give us inspiration.

Inspiration can be in the form of repetitive numbers you see in frequently used items such as digits on your digital clock, the stats you see on your social media notifications, among others.

For times when you want to manifest great things in your life and aiming to achieve better things, you might have seen these repeated numbers more often. If you want to learn how incense sticks can help you achieve this, check out this guide.

Some of the most common angel numbers known for better manifestation to achieve financial success and prosperity include: 111, 311, 411, 414,


Known to indicate the beginning, your journey towards manifesting the best version of yourself and your best possible life starts whenever you keep seeing 1:11.

It can be you waking up at 1:11 am, or that little signage on your way home. Seeing 111 signals that you are ready to take on the next level in your life, career and relationships and you have the power to make your dreams a reality.


Known for signalling positive change, angel number 311 allows you to better manifest and summon all the positive changes to come into your life. From your work, your relationships, as well as your spiritual development.


Great blessings are in store for you as you envision a whole new life for yourself especially whenever you keep seeing 411. A life where your well-being is paramount and your success and opportunities are limitless.


Despite the negative connotations of the number 4, angel number 414 is one of the numbers that mean prosperity and start of a new positive outcome.

By embracing the power that 4 manifests, you are on your way to manifesting a blissful life for yourself.

By focusing your thoughts on positivity and the endless possibilities, you will transform all your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths.

Think of your unique capabilities.

Channel all your positive thoughts to the Universe as it conspires to help you achieve them.

See and do good to others as the karmic nature of the world will eventually return those good deeds to you.

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