Angel Numbers for Marriage: Are You Meant To Be?

How do you know that your existing relationship could potentially blossom and lead to marriage?

How can you be so sure that the stars have aligned for your relationship to work, and eventually get to the next level?

The good thing is, just as every element in this Universe, your spirit is connected to them and the vibrations that you carry with you connects with the innermost desires of your heart.

Telling Signs: What Are Angel Numbers?

The Universe hears your thoughts and prayers as you manifest them. In turn, you usually receive confirmation or reminders in the form of angel numbers.

These are subtle signs from your angels.

It can be the repeated numbers you’ve been sign in front of TV show you’ve been watching, or the plate number while you’re stuck in traffic, or simply the social media notifications you’ve just seen earlier today.

They are inconspicuous and very easy to miss. Only by looking back can you fully connect the dots.

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Angel Numbers for Marriage

In this guide, we will explore whether the numbers you have been seeing could be a sign from your angels to confirm whether you are in the right relationship, or someone else is destined to be with you, or simply time to move on.

Or in some cases, whether it is worth remaining good friends.


Despite its negative connotation, seeing 666 means you are about to experience more love in your existing relationship, or about to find the love of your life.

The master number 6 is the embodiment of the heart: pertaining to love, family, and relationships.

The energy of these vibrations are trying to communicate with you that your life will be filled with compassion and abundance of love.


Your angels are trying to remind you that you are at the cusp of your Divine path.

After experiencing many heartaches, seeing 211 often is a comforting message from above confirming that you have found the love of your life.

You are in a relationship where you can tolerate each other’s quirkiness, flaws, and can accept each other’s baggage as part of the deal.

Traditional perceptions that usually ‘turn people off’ no longer applies and you have found your true self in the other person. You have found your refuge in each other.


Your relationship is likely to advance to the next stage and wedding bells are ringing.

However, all of these would not be easy and straightforward as you will or have been experiencing trying times in your relationship making it the rockiest one yet.

The marriage is happening, but it is a gentle reminder that it would not be as smooth sailing.


Knowing when to forgive and forget is essential in every relationship.

Together with trust, it is one of the essential building blocks of a mature and lasting relationship.

In order for your relationship to withstand all the trials and challenges that come your way, you and your partner need to develop more understanding towards each other.

Assumptions are the termites in relationships. Be willing to communicate more, and develop compassion.

Know when to lose a battle in order to win the war. Or simply, avoid it altogether.

Seeing 999 means you and your partner are ready to take the next level of your relationship (perhaps even a pregnancy, whichever comes first) once you get past the usual drama that break many relationships.


Development lies beyond your comfort zone.

When you and your partner decide to make compromises and let go of trivial things that usually lead to arguments, you will know that you are in a relationship that can withstand the test of time.

Remember: each relationship is unique. So are the people in them.

While these signs from your angels may be subtle hints, it is also a reminder that best relationships are found in those where lovers often go through many hardships and hell.

But the most important part is every partners’ drive to get through them.

With this in mind, seeing the numbers 666, 211, 999, 212, and 1212 could mean that you are in a relationship that’s likely to develop into something more serious and likely to involve wedding bells a’ ringing.

Where instead of bending each other’s words, one will be on their bended knee.

Instead of blasting attacks, you going to tie the knot.

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