Angel Numbers for Pregnancy (signs you’re pregnant?)

Perhaps it’s the price tag from the grocery store or the persistent triple digits that keep popping up on your digital clock. Or simply the car number right in front of you earlier today.

No matter which direction you turn your attention to, the same repetitive numbers (also known as angel numbers) seem to haunt you wherever you go.

Angel numbers are your Divine Guardians’ way of communicating with you indirectly.

It does not necessarily mean good or bad. Instead, these little nudges help you make better decisions as you make crucial moves in your life.

Now, there are certain angel numbers in the numerology system that may potentially signal life-changing milestones in your life.

Seeing these numbers often are thought to be one of the signs from the Universe that you are about to get pregnant.

In this guide, we will explore which of these recurring numbers may symbolize pregnancy, new beginnings, or perhaps even shifting in your life.

Angel Numbers Signaling Pregnancy

Some of the most common angel numbers which are signs you are about to be pregnant include: 000, 222, 333, 3333, 444, 555, 711, 777, 888, 1010, 1212, and 1818.  

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While these guides are in no way definitive, they remind you of your unique capabilities, as well as your mission here on Earth, and all the privileges that comes with pregnancy.

May you always focus and channel your efforts towards positivity which will aid you to achieve greater success in life.

Spiritual Meaning and Signs of Pregnancy

Here are some of the most common angel numbers that signify potential changes in your life, particularly possible pregnancy.


Becoming a parent requires a lot of preparation and something that many women grew up dreaming about.

If you have been seeing angel number 000, this could be one of the ways your angel is trying to communicate what your heart’s greatest desire is about to come true.

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As this angel number symbolizes new beginnings, many women may experience seeing these repetitive digits in their dreams leading to their pregnancy.

It is that unexplainable feeling that your spiritual journey in becoming a steward of another spiritual being here on Earth is about to commence.


Angel number 222 and its loving message means: anything is possible. If you have been trying to conceive for a while now and still haven’t had much success, your luck could change anytime soon as you keep seeing this number. Seeing 222 more often signals potential pregnancy and the clarity that you have been seeking.

333 & 3333

Angel number 333 means creation. Your journey to motherhood and helping pave the way for one of our Creator’s divine creations is about to begin.

Seeing these number with master number 3 more often symbolizes God’s love for you and that extends to His trust in you and your partner’s ability to nurture yet another blessing and miracle in your life.

You may have even increased chances of pregnancy whenever you see the loving message and intensity of angel number 3333.


Your prayers will soon be answered as 444 means your relationship will be taken to the next level as additional foundation to your family will come in the form of a new bundle of joy.


This angel number is the ultimate angel number for pregnancy or those who are expecting. Seeing 555 means a major change in your life which will fill it with lots of love and a new beginning.

Having a new baby signals a new addition in your family which will ultimately increase abundance as well as compassion in your life.

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Perhaps you have been praying to conceive for quite a long period of time. Seeing 555 more often is your guardian angel’s way of confirming with you that your prayers are about to be answered.

Sometimes the answer is not necessarily yes or not, but simply “in due time”. Meanwhile, you may check some of these numbers for better manifestation.

There is season and time for everything. So if you have been asking in multiple prayers or have done your very best, it does not mean you don’t deserve it.

In most cases, your circumstances need to shift or your overall mindset may need to be reshaped in order to help you become a more prepared parent.

Don’t despair if for some reason you are not seeing these angel numbers. Your own personal journey has its own timeline and trust that everything will happen in God’s timeline.


Being chased by angel number 711 in your dreams or seeing it more than usual signals your ability to start anew in your life and your stellar ability to procreate.


Often associated with new beginnings, seeing 777 signals a new beginning in your family life. It can be in the form of a new addition to your family.


Angel number 1010 signals new beginning. A new beginning is starting to blossom in your belly. Welcome this change with courage and excitement as you embark in the most important career in your life – motherhood.


Seeing angel number 1818 signals new beginnings, and that includes new addition in your growing family. Try not to stress nor be anxious towards the things you cannot control and be grateful for the blessings right in front of you.

What If I Am Not Seeing These Numbers?

Not seeing these angel numbers, or whenever the frequency by which you see them may vary.

Remember to channel your efforts in your own personal development so that by the time you are ready to conceive, you will have all the inspiration and strength to have a healthy and abundant pregnancy.

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