Angel Numbers for Anxiety or Stress

Have you been seeing repeated numbers more often?

If yes, read on as they could be signaling an imbalance in your life, particularly in your spirituality and in your relationships.

Seeing repetitive numbers more often may mean that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you as you struggle with achieving peace and harmony in your life.

Some numbers are often associated with good luck while others have more negative connotations with them.

In this numerology guide, we will explore some of the numbers that are often associated with stress. Whenever you find yourself uneasy and anxious with making a major decision in your life, you are likely to find yourself seeing these series of numbers more often.

While none of these are scientific nor medical in nature and we would recommend for you to consult your medical practitioner whenever you feel you are stressed out, these are simply informative and explorative in nature.

Without further ado, here are some of the angel numbers that you probably see more often and as you experience heightened stress in your life: 666, 555, and 1818.

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Perhaps one of the most commonly misinterpreted angel numbers is 666 and what it truly means.

Seeing 666 is often associated with bad luck, although its true meaning is actually a positive sign that whatever you may be going through, you will soon experience a much more smooth sailing affair both in your personal and professional life.


Another angel number that’s likely to signal an imbalance in your peace of mind is the 555 as it is often associated with an upcoming inevitable change.

In particular, as one of the numbers often signalling pregnancy, it may cause a rather heightened stress in your life as you face more uncertainty in your relationships.

Try to keep calm and keep a positive outlook whenever you see this number to avoid unnecessary heightened stress to yourself, and focus on the loving message that 555 brings.


Although it carries the power indicating wealth or abundance, seeing the number 1818 may also be associated with heightened stress or anxiety as you go forward with your goals.

The fear of the unknown and even rejection may be dragging you down and causing unnecessary stress into your life thus making you see this number often.

While the fear of the unknown may engulf you and your senses, focus on the positive and loving messages that your guardian angels are trying to extend your way.

Focus on improving your life and strengthening your efforts to achieve your goals. At first, the challenges may make you apprehensive.

However, as you take more decisive and bold efforts towards making your dreams a reality, you will realize that you are not alone in your journey.

Stay focused as it determines your reality. Focus on your goals, not your fear.