5 Tell-tale Signs of Angel Visitations

Angels are wonderful and mysterious beings that play an important part in all our lives. They assume many roles as while they carry out their most important function, bring us closer to God. Their existence is covered in mystery because it is part of their nature.

They intentionally work most subtly so that our decision-making will not be compromised. Guardian angels can only, at best, recommend and give hints and hope that we humans will make spiritually correct choices.

They do their best to cover their tracks as well, so that much of our attention will be focused on God and with matters that are within our control. Yet, this does not mean that they are not with us every day.

Angels work double-time when we are in dire need of support.

During these times, they recognize that we need all the help we need and, sometimes, they leave hints to tell us that we are not alone.

In this list, we’ll get a glimpse of some signs that our guardian angels are with us.

Reading on and understanding these situations better can help you be more sensitive about the presence of your guardian angels.

Hopefully, you will be able to use this to enhance your perception to live a life of peace and spread positivity to the people around you better.

Seeing Angels In Your Dreams

It is scientifically proven that our brains work at a different cycle when we are asleep. A person who reaches rapid eye movement (REM) during their sleep experiences life-like dreams that connect all their physical senses.

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During these moments, your perception also increases and leads to the opening of your spiritual eye.

Angels may appear during these half-asleep, half-awake states. They usually take a human-like form that emits an immaculate brightness. It is up to you to accept this apparition and react accordingly.

Do not be afraid and try to intently pay attention to what your guardian angel wants you to know.

Noticing Light Orbs

Have you ever noticed mini light orbs that appear on occasion? These are sometimes captured on camera during unexpected moments. They may also be seen by your naked eye at some instances when lighting and your perception meet at the exact level.

Angels are said to be beings of energy and they can manifest themselves in the form of light orbs. Their presence refracts the sources of light that surround us thereby producing these unique angel orbs.

Sweet Aroma

Our sense of smell can also be a powerful receptor for angelic presence. We may notice a refreshing scent that unexpectedly fills the room, our picnic area, or even our office space.

Common sense tells you that the scent from desserts and perfume do not fall within this conversation.

The next time you smell a heavenly scent, try to intently find its source. If no logical object is emitting the aroma within the vicinity, then you have been blessed by your guardian angel’s presence.

Your Pets Are Seeing Things You Don’t

It is said that babies share a higher level of perception along with our pets. We used to have this keen sense but lost it as we developed stronger reasoning abilities. There are times when our dogs bark for no apparent reason and seem to be welcoming an unseen presence.

This is also true with our babies. Sometimes they seem to be entertained by an invisible friend. You would even see a semblance of interaction during these super cute episodes.

Your guardian angel must be extending their protective shield with the newest member of your family.

You Are Losing  a Bad Habit

In the course of our lives, we often learn bad habits or vices that are a perceived safe refuge when we feel stressed or pressured. Once these habits are learned they can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

It would take an extraordinary amount of effort and devotion. Some (in the case of alcohol or drug dependence) even consider it as a miracle.

People that go through successful rehabilitation programs have attested to sensing different energy that fills up the void left by their vices. They find it hard to explain, but their description usually fits the experiences of people being touched by their guardian angels.

Let us remember that angels respect and uphold the sanctity of our relationship with God. This is the reason why they play the role of supporting casts rather than steal the limelight from the Supreme Being.

However, it may provide us with a positive insight if we learn to acknowledge the presence of our guardian angels and understand what they are trying to tell us.