Best Healing Crystals for Beginners [GUIDE]

The use of healing crystals has steadily gained popularity. More and more people are swayed by the enticing promise of wellness by simply wearing these beautiful pieces of stone.

Here are some of the best crystals for beginners for you to get started in your crystal therapy journey.

Yet, this increasing fad has also left some people disappointed and shortchanged. The lack of information affects aspiring healing crystal users to an extent that some end up buying plastic replicas.

These beginner crystals have been used since ancient times and there is a reason behind why this practice has survived thousands of years.

There are fundamental processes that back this belief and, albeit not scientifically proven, have a rationale for it.

One of these processes is choosing the healing crystals one wishes to own. Experts agree that the choice for healing crystals will vary from person to person and its desired function.

Either way, it is recommended for everyone who wishes to practice the use of healing crystals to know the basic list of healing crystals

List of Healing Crystals

There are a plethora of healing crystals that have been discovered throughout time. They vary in composition, origin, rarity, and properties. Some are made from precious minerals, while others are accumulated from natural resin.

The majority of these good crystals for beginners can be found in mineral-rich regions of the Earth in the case of quartz and jade, while others are derived from meteor crashes.

You can technically call other crystals out of this world.

The importance of knowing the kinds of healing crystals and their properties provides a good introduction for an information-based usage and collection of healing crystals for beginners. Here is a list of the basic healing crystals that could form part of a collection for starters.

Clear Quartz

Experts consider this healing crystal as the “master healer”. It received this name because of its holistic cleansing properties. It can be compared to penicillin as the most common cure.

It can absorb, store, and channel energy to a designated focus. Some say it stimulates the immune system of the body as well.


Iits blue hue, similar to the pristine Caribbean lagoons, is said to emit vibrations that heal its users physically, mentally, and spiritually. Some consider it as an effective good luck charm because of the constant positive energy it produces.

Tiger’s Eye

This healing crystal is used to amplify the core energy of its user. The energy emits positive self-confidence and stamina.

Thus, it provides a source of motivation and eradicates fear, self-doubt, and anxiety. Experts use this to enhance decision-making and make life goals attainable for them and their clients.

Here are the top 10 crystals for beginners, exploring their healing powers, benefits and other metaphysical properties.


It is a healing crystal that can give constant encouragement to its user. The vibrations it emits are tuned to help one get through difficult or crucial stages in their life. This can be a useful part of a collection for beginners.


It is the bearer of warmth, joy, and positive energy. Its golden hue is likened to how the sun nourishes the Earth. Experienced users tap into this amazing gem when setting out new activities or for projects that entail creativity and concentration.

Sapphire – it is believed that this stone emits a vibration of royalty. The blue shade is said to draw peace, happiness, and prosperity. Wearing it close to your body brings a level of calmness, confidence, and relaxation.


One may think of this healing crystal as an energy boost. Experts believe that ruby helps an individual restore their vitality, youth, intellect, and even sexual drive.

It is probably because of its property that helps blood circulation and can even help remove toxins. As such, this stone is used for rituals that enhance one’s self-awareness.

How to Use Crystals for Beginners

What are some of the most common uses of crystals and how do you get started? In this section, we will explore some of the most common uses for crystals and how they can help you, too.

Healing Crystal Necklace

Healing crystals naturally and continuously emit their vibrations. As such, people also use them passively by wearing them in jewelry. Practitioners believe that using healing crystals, especially as necklaces, unlocks the gem’s true potential.

Being placed close to the owner’s heart most of the time allows the crystal, as well as its wearer, to be in constant connection. Experts suggest that healing crystal necklaces absorb the purest emotions that come from one’s heart.

Depending on the item worn, the desired effect is given off constantly. Also, the owner subconsciously communicates with the healing crystal which also improves the qualities they would want to work on.

Chakra Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are often used by practitioners in consonance with their chakra. 7 chakras are present in the human body. These are energy points that need to be aligned, open, and working positively to promote well-being and balanced life.

During rituals, healing crystals are used to amplify the specific chakra that one desires to be developed. Using the unique properties of each healing crystal will produce the specific effect one would want on their energy points.

Healing Crystal for Love

The wide scope of use for healing crystals also touches the areas of love and affection. For this focus, rose quartz takes the center stage. It is believed that this mineral emits affectionate energy. Thus, using rose quartz can positively affect one’s status in friendship, relationships, fertility, and love.

Strongest Healing Crystals

Experts believe that the strongest healing crystals cannot be bought outright. Rather, they must be developed through regular use and exposure. It will largely depend on the owner’s intent on what healing crystals to combine and for what purpose they will serve.

How to Use Healing Crystals

Healing crystals can be used as active or passive instruments. They are considered active instruments when used for ceremonies, rituals, and casting. Meanwhile, placing them in pieces of jewelry, and as ornaments in places of work or worship bring out their passive role.

Experts highly recommend preparing healing crystals before using them. They usually undergo a ceremony to neutralize all energies that they were previously used for. This involves exposing it in smoke and moonlight or being buried in soil for a certain amount of time.

Do Healing Crystals Work?

This question still lingers as the clincher for would-be practitioners of healing crystals. Scientifically, no evidence reveals that healing crystals can affect a person physically through exposure.

However, experiments have concluded that people exposed to healing crystals report an improved state of well-being. This was credited as a “placebo” effect brought by the crystals.

There are still areas and subjects in the world that science cannot explain and maybe destined to remain a mystery.

The throng of healing crystal practitioners and its increasing popularity can be attributed to their need for well-being, an area that science cannot fully solve for the moment as well.