Genmaicha Tea: Its Benefits and Wonders

You have probably heard that big things come in small packages and this saying aptly describes Genmaicha tea. It is amazing how a concoction derived from minute brown rice grains packs a tremendous punch.

It is not a surprise why Genmaicha Tea drinkers have increased.

Aside from raving about the distinct flavor that the Japanese green tea gives, Genmaicha aficionados lean on the health and wellness benefits that uplift them daily.

Feel good: soothing effect

Drinking Genmaicha tea pulls back the human body to a state of equilibrium. Regular drinkers attest to this. If they feel a little edgy, it relaxes them. When they’re drowsy, it livens them up.

In times of abrupt hunger cravings, it soothes their appetite. It is almost magical how this wonder drink pulls your state of being to a normal mode.

Some say it is the pleasant aroma that gives the instant balancing effect. It can be described as soft and delightful and with just the right amount of fragrance.

The release of “feel good” hormones is said to be triggered when the aroma reaches the nasal senses of Genmaicha drinkers.

Meanwhile, others attribute the balancing power of Genmaicha to its taste. The roasted brown rice delivers a distinct nutty flavor that neutralizes the bitterness of other green teas. It also exudes a touch of sugary and starchy flavors that make it a rich and full blend.

Improves the circulatory system

Similar to how an engine needs fuel, our body needs a healthy supply of oxygen. The circulatory system does this job for our body. Oxygenated blood is pumped from the heart distributed to the other parts of our body.

Genmaicha improves the circulatory system by balancing the blood sugar in our veins. This diminishes the chances of fatigue and irritability. It also minimizes the craving for super sweet and unhealthy food.

It also fights bad cholesterol by reducing its number and triggers the production of good cholesterol. This is due to the mineral selenium that is present in brown rice tea. Due to the balance of good cholesterol, blood flow is optimized and the chance for heart disease is reduced.

Great dietary and digestive aid

Good health is often related to appropriate body mass and weight. People dream of achieving that picturesque and healthy body. The epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) present in Genmaicha tea works wonders for people on a diet.

Experiments have proven the fat-burning quality of EGCG and its long-term effect. This also aids in the process of digestion. So if ever you have that bloated feeling, a cup of Genmaicha will surely relieve you.

Promotes hormonal balance

The body produces hormones so that organs can function appropriately. Hormonal imbalance may lead to obesity, malnutrition, irritability, fatigue, muscle weakness, and sleeping disorders.

The selenium in Genmaicha tea regulates the function of the thyroid gland. This ensures that your metabolic rate, brain development, digestive, heart, and muscle function is in tip-top condition. It is also essential to the body’s bone maintenance.

Regenerative abilities of Genmaicha

Due to its potent cleansing characteristics, Genmaicha can enhance the regenerative capability of your body. It is popular in removing any harmful toxins lurking in our bodies. Green tea acts as an aid to your liver in filtering unwanted free radicals.

This applies to your skin as well. Toxins constantly break down your skin cells and lead to wrinkles, blemishes, and dark spots. These toxins hasten the skin aging process.

The EGCG found in Genmaicha is more powerful than vitamin E in combating the skin’s free radicals. Thus, regular brown rice tea users produce that constant youthful glow.

The list of Genmaicha benefits is truly amazing. This makes the brown rice tea a natural wonder pill that uplifts the overall health and wellness of its drinkers.

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