Genmaicha Caffeine: Why is it Gaining Popularity?

The appreciation for Genmaicha, a variety of green tea, is steadily increasing.

It is by no means a new blend since it has been around for centuries. However, one might say it has been “rediscovered” simply because of its distinct taste, characteristics, and the benefits derived from drinking it.

Its intriguing history also adds up as to why Genmaicha is increasing in popularity recently.

Mild and simple goodness in every cup

Genmaicha is a brown rice-based tea. It is made by infusing the essence of roasted brown rice with green tea leaves. This combination produces a balance between the earthy taste of green tea and the starchy and sugary texture of brown rice.

The result is a richer type of green tea that has a reduced bitter after taste. Most drinkers love the smoky and nutty aroma without totally losing its natural green tea flavor.

Usually, Genmaicha is drunk as it is without any sweeteners or flavor enhancement. This allows you to savor the delicate feel of the tea. Although some prefer to add a bit of honey or brown sugar, most people drink it plain.

Genmaicha caffeine: Less than green tea

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that is found in plants. This crystalline substance is almost synonymous with coffee and tea. Caffeine cannot be considered bad per se. Like any other natural stimulant, moderate consumption is scientifically regarded as safe.

However, it may produce several side effects if taken in large quantities. This includes insomnia, restlessness, palpitation, anxiety, and dehydration. Thus, drinks with caffeine are often snubbed as bedtime nears.

Genmaicha offers a reduced caffeine content compared to regular green tea. This adds to its unique attribute and makes it more endearing to those who want a late-night drink to cap off a busy day. The brown rice tea simply embodies that sometimes, less is more.

Rich in natural benefits

The human body has its natural way of healing. Unfortunately, our choice of food, lifestyle, and habits, may affect this innate process.

Genmaicha helps trigger natural healing because of its antioxidant properties.

The presence of epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC) in Genmaicha removes toxins that can harm the body’s organs. ECGC can help several aspects of our bodily functions. It is known to improve one’s skin, blood circulation, and digestion.

Vitamin E is credited for maintaining the youthful glow in our skin. It aids the regeneration of our largest organ and prevents blemishes, wrinkles, and unwanted spots from accumulating.

ECGC is said to be more than tenfold stronger than vitamin E. This is how Genmaicha helps its drinkers achieve that vibrant and youthful look.

The effects of brown rice tea can also be felt in the circulatory system of the body. It triggers the production of good cholesterol thereby battling the bad cholesterol present in our bodies.

This helps the flow of our blood from our heart to our organs and back more freely. Thus, it reduces the risk of high blood pressure and heart ailments.

For people who ate more than their normal load, or experience a bloated feeling, Genmaicha is a recommended remedy. By aiding the digestive process of our body, that heavy feeling can easily be ignored.

Love for this tea: resurgence of an old tradition

It is dumbfounding to think that this beloved drink was exclusively brewed for peasants a long time ago. Peasants only had access to green tea leaves of low quality.

Thus, the tea they produced was appallingly bitter at times. This created the idea of infusing roasted brown rice to neutralize the bitterness of the green tea leaves.

Little did the peasants know that their innovation would turn into a growing trend that is loved by all social classes globally.