What Are Healing Crystals And How Do They Work? [GUIDE]

The use of healing crystals has risen in popularity as wellness and mental health have soared in importance.

As the general populace tries to find ways to translate social media content and internet research into tangible methods to improve their well-being, the demand for the best healing crystals has steadily increased.

People always tend to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to fads, especially ones that provide personal benefit. This exposes them to the risk of not getting a good value for the healing crystals that they buy.

To limit this risk, one must know the basics of healing crystals. They must know what healing crystals are and what the healing crystal means.

They should also know how healing crystals work to maximize the benefits derived from these ancient wonders.

Lastly, every healing crystal user must have a list of the best healing crystals for their personal needs and preferences.

What are Healing Crystals?

Healing crystals are precious stones and gems that have various properties and reactions which are unique to everyone. They come in different colors, shapes, textures, rarity, luster, and opacity.

These traits can be mixed and combined to exude the customized healing power for its owner. Each type of crystal has its character and meaning.

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Healing Crystals Meaning

Each precious gem has its meaning, and it would be too extensive to feature all known crystals. Beginners would be better off familiarizing themselves with the basic and more popular variety of healing crystals.

Rose Quartz – this healing crystal transmits affectionate energy. Thus, it possesses the properties of relationships, love, friendship, resilience, and fertility.

Seasoned practitioners use the rose quartz to improve and control the mentioned properties for themselves or their clients.

Healing Crystals for Beginners

For beginners, it is highly recommended to keep note of the rose quartz properties if they would want to consider including this magnificent gem in their initial collection.


It is a healing crystal that resembles the sun’s golden hue. Likewise, it also mimics how the sun serves as the world’s source of life and energy.

Citrine holds the properties of creativity, prosperity, and optimism. As such, it can be a wonderful instrument to transmit your intentions.

Many experts infuse this gem with sunlight to maximize its properties. It can boost one’s self-confidence and help to bring an individual’s dreams into reality.

Likewise, citrine is believed to be a prosperity charm when worn. It is worth looking at when starting a group of healing crystals.


How to use healing crystals for anxiety, you might ask? This healing crystal is often associated with improving conditions in one’s psychic aspects. It has the potential to unlock your psychic abilities and even lead you to reach a higher state of awareness.

Professional healers also use this to target the psychological injuries of their clients.

This also serves as a great piece to set a positive space because of its ability to clear negative energies. For beginners, it can be worn to ward off anxiety disorders and to improve dream retention.

Black Tourmaline

Security and safety come with the use of this healing crystal. Its ability to produce positive vibrations and cancel out negative energy enables it to be an effective shield.

Practitioners often use this gem as a protective talisman to ward off negativity.

You may notice them being worn as necklaces that provide overall protection. They are also kept near workplaces to maintain a productive atmosphere.

Clear Quartz

Many experts consider this healing crystal as the basic healing crystal piece. Some often refer to it as the “Master Healer”. It can absorb vibrations and transmit them into a more focused intent. Thus, it can be used for therapeutic purposes or setting a positive vibe for a certain area or activity.

Due to its generically positive characteristic, it can be used as a substitute for other healing crystals.

One of its more popular uses is being kept close to the owner while they concentrate on their intentions, dreams, love, and prosperity.

Many collectors agree that this healing crystal is a must-have.

How Do Healing Crystals Work?

Healing crystals work according to the application of their owner. They can be classified into two types, active and passive.

Remember that this is merely a classification, and this does not mean that a certain healing stone can only be limited to one type of use or application.

Usually, the active and passive applications of healing crystals are part of a process. The more these gems are used, the more effective and powerful they become. This also resonates to the owner or client that the healing crystals are applied to.

The active use of healing crystals refers to activities that make use of them for a specific amount of time for a concentrated purpose. These include rituals, ceremonies, spellcasting, and enchantments.

Usually, active application of healing crystals comes first because preparing the healing crystals is a ritual in itself.

Preparation of healing crystals involves configuring their geometry, physical, and metaphysical properties to the purpose it is projected to fulfill. It may be compared to adjusting the settings of your mobile device.

Let us take a black tourmaline crystal to be used as a pendant for example. Before anything else, experts reset newly acquired crystals by enchanting them in a simple smoke ritual using sage (or choice plants with cleansing properties).

Then the crystal is left to bask in moonlight or buried in soil overnight.

The owner may now enchant it with the main purpose that it will serve. Preparing it may also include refining its shape and luster.

The owner may choose to refine the black tourmaline into a circular pendant that emits balanced protective energy.

Wearing the pendant is an example of a passive application of healing crystals. The owner lets the healing crystal do the work for them.

However, the owner may choose to use their pendant when performing other rituals as well.

What are the Best Healing Crystals?

The best healing crystal will vary from user to user. As explained, these are tools for manifesting energies and can be considered as extensions of their owners.

As such, the personality of the owner will influence the choice of their best crystal.

Also, the best healing crystals are often produced through practice. Meaning they are made, and not bought.

Healing crystals often magnify their properties when used regularly. Experienced users even describe them as taking a life of their own.

Yet, the majority of practitioners would answer clear quartz as the best healing crystal because of its innate properties. This can be a piece of great advice for aspiring healing crystal users in the future.