Holly Willoughby and Her Fascination of Crystals

TV presenter Holly Willoughby, who has been a spirituality and crystals advocate, has launched her new lifestyle business, Wylde Moon.

In a string of celebrities launching lifestyle businesses, Willoughby follows the same path which Gwyneth Paltrow has taken with Goop, both of which provide fans with spiritual recommendations.

A massive part of her brand focuses on spirituality, so it comes as no surprise that crystals and their healing properties come up a lot on her new venture.

The This Morning presenter, 41, founded the brand in September 2021 and has been selling perfumes, a £65 tomato leaf candle, jewelry, crystals, and diffusers.

The Wylde Moon platform is split into seven categories: women, moon-board, podcast, energy, beauty, style, and family.

On Sunday, she wrote: “Self Care Sundays. There is no better way to start a relaxing Sunday off than with the soothing energy from sound bowls and healing crystals.”

She then proceeded to place endless crystals on the floor to form a shape of a peace sign all while using the sound bowls.

Holly also has a section on her website called Wylde Energy where crystals expert, Emma Lucy Knowles, discusses various spirituality and lifestyle topics.

A crystal of the month is shared, with the expert explaining its importance. She also talks to listeners through a virtual meditation. Emma will also name different crystals and the best place to put them to benefit from its energy.

The brand offers a blend of tomato leaf, geranium, sandalwood, mint and rose to create a unique fragrance. Holly claims it will “energize and invigorate.”

The product description says: “You know that smell of a tomato on the vine when it’s been ripened by the sun? That smell after rainfall, as it refreshes the mint and lavender and mother nature subtly weaves her magic? You know that aromatic, invigorating scent that travels on the wind and enlivens the senses?”

It appears that Holly’s wellness range will only expand as she took to the brand’s official Instagram to share a clip of her relaxing and de-stressing with crystals and sound bowls.

Wylde Energy’s crystal of the month for February is amethyst. You may check out our comprehensive guide on amethyst to learn more about its healing benefits, being one of the most popular and well known crystals, which has wide range of benefits.

Amethyst is said to be helpful in protecting against negative energy, reducing stress and promoting restful sleep. It is also associated with courage, inner strength and helping to still the mind.

If you want to try out amethyst for yourself, Wylde Moon sells a range of different products including an amethyst geode bath bomb and an amethyst roller.

So, whether you are looking for some skincare recommendations or want to know which crystal to meditate with this month, Holly Willoughby’s lifestyle advocacy and business may have a few recommendations.

Other celebrities and known figures who are staunch lifestyle and spirituality advocates also include New York City mayor Eric Adams. You may also learn more about celebrities and their birthstones here.