Pregnancy Mantra: Affirmations to Ease Pregnancy Anxiety

Pregnancy is often a mixture of excitement and uncertainty, and this can cause some anxiety in the mother-to-be.

During this exciting and challenging time in your life, let us explore how pregnancy matra or the habit of chanting mantras during your pregnancy can be beneficial for your own well-being as well as how it can have beneficial effects on your baby’s development.

Let’s explore the benefits of chanting positive affirmations and mantras during pregnancy together epsom salt bath.

Benefits of Chanting Positive affirmation or Mantras

Bringing new life to the world is a blessing of pregnancy. Physical and emotional changes can be extremely upsetting during pregnancy.

Pregnant women often experience stress, anxiety, and depression. This is understandable due to your worries, uncertainties, and hormonal changes.

List of Mantras To Help Ease Your Worries Today

Chanting mantras can help you feel uplifted and you may feel connected to specific mantras during pregnancy. You and your growing baby create a strong connection through chanting positive affirmations.

Here are some that can help you get started today. You may write them in your journal for some much-needed reminder, write on colorful post-it notes, or print it and have it framed, so you can paste it in front of your mirror to help you kickstart your day.

inspirational quotes for pregnant women

“The soul inside my body is beautiful” – Helping you appreciate not only your body but also the life it carries within.

“My body is a chosen vessel” – This is especially beneficial for women experiencing anxieties or worries about the changes in their bodies and shifts in their moods. 

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“I am nourishing my baby” – Helps set the tone by choosing nutritious food to supplement the soul and body of both the mom and the baby. 

“My body was built to withstand these trials” – Helpful when facing thoughts such as “I can’t do this!”

“My baby’s smile is more important than these fears” – Reminding you of your purpose and the goal at hand. 

“I have a greater purpose” – A helpful reminder that you have been chosen and blessed with helping bring another wonderful being in this world. 

“I listen to what my body needs” – Listens to the body’s signals such as tiredness, hunger, and loneliness.

“One day at a time” – Helps you stay present and focused on the now.

“I am here for my baby” – Brings you closer to your baby.

“My body is the perfect home for my baby” – To encourage you to trust your body and its ability to grow your baby.

“I make the best decisions for me and my baby” – Tames inner critics and unwelcome advice.

“The fears and worries will not defeat me” – Particularly useful for situations where the pregnancy is causing discomfort.

It is common to feel some form of anxiety during the early stages of your pregnancy, so you may find these positive pregnancy mantras helpful in supporting you during this time. New parents tend to become overwhelmed by the responsibilities of parenthood.

The feeling of being powerless and unable to control life, coupled with the feeling that one is losing control when a couple decides to plan a child, tend to undermine the positive feeling naturally associated with it.

Take the Time to Love your Body and Self

You can use mantras to cope with these changing times and uncertainty by staying present and taking the time to love yourself and your body.

When you chant a mantra, you will hold on to your intention with heart and soul. Your bond with your baby will reassure you that everything will be alright. You and your baby will be protected by the Universe.

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Mantras produce vibrations that affect the mind and body in different ways. Chanting a mantra during pregnancy can dispel feelings and emotions of despair, panic, or worry, and you will become involved in the sound to feel calm, joy, and contentment.

As you chant, you can use mantras to help you stay present and prevent your mind from wandering.

Dealing with Pregnancy Anxieties

Keep your feelings from being bottled up. Trying to deal with it all on your own never works. You need support physically and mentally during pregnancy.

Some women may be in a position where they cannot choose but to handle the entire gamut by themselves.

In spite of this, it is always advisable for the new mom-to-be, her spouse, and immediate family to act as a constant support system so she can give birth to a healthy child.

If you are feeling depressed or low, talk to your spouse, close family members, friends, and keep regular contact with your health practitioner.

Mantras to Chant During Your Pregnancy

Mantras can be used for protection, healing, love, and compassion to connect you with nature and the universe.

Chanting mantras that increase your feminine wisdom will help you to follow your intuition and better connect with as well as protect your baby.

Here are also some historical mantras for anxiety during pregnancy.

During these days of change and stress associated with pregnancy and motherhood, mantra is a powerful tool for peace and joy, so chant them throughout your pregnancy for an easy delivery and a healthy pregnancy.

Mantra for safer pregnancy – Om Hreem Uljalya Thah Thah Om Hreem

Chanting this mantra continuously for 108 times and lighting mustard oil lamps will help you achieve a much safer pregnancy.

Mantra for more feminine power – Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo Namo

Your creative power is awoken by the “Adi Shakti” Mantra. It prepares you for giving birth as well as for motherhood. Chanting this mantra repetitively connects you to the greatest expression of motherhood.

Mantra for preventing miscarriage

“Pumansam Patram Jancy Tam Pumananu Jayatam Bhavati Putranam Mata Jatanam Jamyashyam Yan”

While chanting this mantra, sprinkle some water on yourself, and then drink some water. During pregnancy, this particular mantra is thought to help in protecting the fetus and prevents miscarriages.

Mantra for protection – Om Rudra Bhi Drava Ho, Ha Ha Ha Hoo Ka

The mantra is also said to protect you from pregnancy when chanted 108 times a day.

Mantra for the mother’s blessing – Pootaa Maataa Kee Aasees

Pootaa Maataa Kee Aasees is a mantra that is sung as part of a devotional song or shabad that represents the blessing of a mother to a child. It can be used to protect your child, to bless your child on your baby’s birthday, or just to lift the vibrations of the environment.

Mantra for balance and transformation – Saa Taa Naa Maa

This specific pregnancy mantra symbolizes the continuous cycle of life and creation. Your instincts will be strengthened when you chant this mantra. It will balance the hemispheres of the brain.

During this period of transition, your ovaries fertilize, your fetus grows inside of you and forms a whole, living body that you help bring into the world.

The intent of this mantra is to help you through the transition and challenge during your pregnancy. Saa means birth, Taa means life, Naa means death, and Maa means rebirth.

Mantra for healing and peace – Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

By chanting the “Ra Ma Da Sa” mantra, you create a space of healing inside and outside of your soul. It protects you, your baby, and those around you. It gives you and your child a positive aura and peace of mind. As you chant this mantra, visualize blessings surrounding you and your baby.

Mantra for gift of Being – I Am, I Am

“I Am, I Am” is an excellent pregnancy mantra and especially beneficial for your baby. If your life is changing quickly and you are feeling unsettled, then it is a mantra that helps you stay calm.

By chanting this mantra during pregnancy, you can reduce your stress levels and create a relaxing atmosphere for you and your baby. It will help you achieve better harmony and reduce anxiety that usually arises during the early stages of pregnancy.

Mantras for birth and beyond

There are five mantras below that have strong healing properties and can help you and your baby from conception to birth.

Why You Should Chant Every Day

During your pregnancy, chanting mantras can do wonders. Chanting mantras can help bring a new life into the world.

As a result of pregnancy mantras, your baby will develop a positive outlook that will aid their growth and development. The power of mantras is that they quiet the mind and open the heart for both mother and child.

Despite being in the womb, your baby can still hear you and would love to hear you talk to him or her.

By chanting mantras, you can give your baby the bliss of hearing the sound of his or her mother’s voice.

Give pregnancy mantra a try

Now that you know how mantras can help you during pregnancy, explore some examples of mantras you can practice at home.

Cherish each moment of your pregnancy with reverence, care, and love. You have been given the opportunity to create a new life.

Take a moment to imagine what your baby could become and how you could contribute to building a society that emphasizes love, compassion, and understanding.