Twin Flames? How Will it Impact YOUR Relationship

How often have we heard about life being described as a journey? It may sound cliche, but it could be the most fitting parallelism to what life is.

The keys that would make our journey fulfilling are the people we make it with and our realization of our purpose in life. This brings us to the term ‘twin flame’.

In theory, finding it may lead you to a life of self-actualization and purposive relationship.

Twin flames can be often confused with soulmates.

Let us take a deeper look at what twin flame numerology is and why it is said to be life-changing.

Significance in Your Relationships

Since twin flame deals with relationships, it is quite natural to get excited with this concept and find out if the current partner you are with is your twin flame.

Before we get to that part, it’s better to have a clearer idea of what a twin flame is. This will help us to level our expectations and avoid misunderstanding. After all, it would be unfair to subject our relationship partner to unwarranted pressure.

Twin flame comes from the concept that our souls were created in identical pairs.

Since these identical souls are placed in different physical bodies, there is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that they would meet and be intertwined in a dynamic relationship.

In essence, finding your twin flame is meeting your spirit’s reflection in another physical body.

Several experts describe it as “not knowing the end from the beginning”. This amazing idea can lead to fantastic romantic notions that are filled with bliss and harmony. This is not the case more often than not.

Twin Flame Relationships

Being involved in a twin flame relationship can be a pressure-packed and stressful experience, no life-changing experience isn’t. To understand how two identical souls result in a competitive encounter, let’s compare it with staring at our face in a magnified mirror.

Initially, you face the mirror to check if you look presentable, but you find a small blemish underneath your eye.

Upon inspection, you find another one on your nose, then a wrinkle on your forehead, and some other lines you swore you were not there the last time you checked.

You would try to apply whatever remedies you have available and unknowingly spend hours working on your imperfections.

This experience is pretty much the same as having a twin flame relationship, except that you are dealing with another person with his or her unique feelings and personality.

This translates into confrontations about personal defensive mechanisms that have been developed through years, comfort zones being invaded, and deep hurtful secrets being uncovered.

Alternatively, it also brings a much-needed change in our lives.

Since being in a twin flame relationship means interacting with someone with the same soul, it leads to situations that are unique and powerful.

Concretely, you may disclose your most humiliating experience or most sinister act to your twin flame and be surprised at how he or she unconditionally understands it.

On the other hand, your nonchalant white lie could turn into a heartbreaking argument because the twin flame partner sees right through you.

Have You Found Your Twin Flame?

Despite it being a mysterious and rare occurrence, there are some hallmarks to be observed that strongly suggest you have found your twin flame.

Although we have made it clear that this type of relationship is not a bed of roses, it still presents a once-in-a-lifetime chance for us to become better versions of ourselves.

Thus, if you ever notice these indicators, it would be best if you grab hold of the opportunity and maximize what you can get out of your twin flame.

One indication of a twin flame is an overwhelming sense of belongingness. It can make you feel that you are right at home with your twin flame on the first instance that you meet.

It can be easily explained by your souls recognizing their likeness and having the natural tendency to merge.

Another sign that you have found your twin flame is an uncanny likeness in your past experiences, especially in your early traumatic ones.

The reason being is that like souls tend to follow similar paths and be exposed to related trials because they share the same purpose and goal.

This sheds light on the potential that meeting your twin flame can lead you to a symbiotic relationship towards becoming better people.

What To Do Next

Not everyone will be fortunate enough to experience being in a relationship with his or her twin flame.

However, the notion of having someone out there in the world with a mirror image of our soul is an inspiring concept that can be used to spread positivity.

The most important thing is that one should always be ready to present themselves as their true selves without any inhibitions to the right person.

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