Who is My Guardian Angel: Quick Way to Find Out

You might be wondering, “Who is my guardian angel?”

Guardian angels have a special way of communicating with us. They do it in a way that they don’t interfere with our freedom.

Therefore, having the ability to speak with them is a very personal experience. You might to know what is your guardian angel’s name and how you can communicate back.

In this quick 5-minute guide, we will reveal the unique way by which you will learn and find out what exactly is your guardian angel’s name.

What is My Guardian Angel’s Name?

Once you know their name, your personal connection with your Guardian Angel will be deepened, stronger, and more accessible.

Begin by Finding a Quiet Place

Make sure you find a place that’s quiet and relaxing. You need a place where you will not be disturbed by anyone else. This could be inside or outside by nature. Whichever you prefer yourself.

You can also enhance the environment to your liking by making it even more relaxing and welcoming for your specific preferences. This could include lighting a candle, using incense sticks, or playing music (without lyrics).

Try to sit in a relaxed and comfortable position with your hands placed upward facing in your lap.

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Find Peace Within Yourself

Now, you need to make sure you feel emotionally, psychologically, and physically relaxed.

In order for you to seek for protection, you need to completely relax your body and empty your mind of any kind of negative emotions or disturbing thoughts.

The next best thing you could do to achieve a great state of relaxation is to focus on your breathing and closing your eyes.

By focusing on your breathing you will take the focus and attention of your mind away from all the distracting things.

Simply visualize yourself inhaling a ray of bright, pure, and clean white light.

Imagine there’s a lot of bright and pure light all around you while you sit. That’s the light you are breathing in.

It might also help you to count all your breaths until you get to around 20.

Time to Ask the Question

Once you feel that you have achieved a comfortable and relaxed state you can begin connecting with your guardian angel. To do that, you will need to start by focusing on your birth date and birth name.

Next, begin to ask:

“I call upon you, my dear Guardian Angel. Please surround me with your, light, love, and energy while I kindly ask you to reveal your name to me.”

As you are putting this question out in the Universe for your angels to receive, make sure you have full faith in yourself that you will receive an answer from your guardian angel.

Focus on Energy Chakras

While you are asking this question, focus on your heart center. This will allow your heart chakra to illuminate with light and warmth.

Stay with this question relaxed, imagining your heart area opening up and receiving all the light and awareness.

Following the question, let your energy rise higher until it leaves through your crown chakra at the top of your head.

You might start to feel tingling or experience warmth in your body.

Receive the Answer

Now you have to carefully listen out for a name to be presented to you in one form or another.

This might not even be presented to you as a sound.

It might also be in a form of letters and words appearing in front of your closed eyes.

There are many angel names that we aren’t used to seeing in our everyday lives.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if the name presented to you is hard to pronounce or you’ve simply never heard of it or seen it before. It’s normal.

As soon as there’s one name that becomes strong and prominent in your mind, that is the name of your personal Guardian Angel.

Done – Final Step to Take

To complete this process, please thank your angel for revealing their name to you.

Afterward, you can write this name down on a piece of paper and keep it in a place that’s precious for you.

Alternatively, you can take note of it digitally so you will never forget it.

The very next time you will be calling upon your Guardian Angel or want to manifest what you want to achieve in your life through your angels, you will be able to use their name.