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Ancient Secrets: Numerology, Angel Numbers, and Symbolisms

Today’s cultural judgment, social pressure, and professional requirements put your mental, emotional, and physical health under a lot of tension.

No wonder it’s a struggle to achieve peace, freedom, and ultimately a lot of happiness. The good news, though, is that there’s a better way to live…

Ancient Secrets of Happiness, Freedom, and Peace.

Ancient Secrets of Happiness, Freedom, and Peace.

It shouldn’t be too much to ask from the world to understand you better. It shouldn’t be too much to ask for compassion.

Unfortunately, today’s modern world seems to be a lot harsher and more unfair than we would like it to be.

You are unique in your own ways. You are individually special and different than anyone else living in this world.

So then, how and why should the world expect you to fit in some standardized boxes of judgment? It should not!

You can constantly find that the most fundamental principles and truths from far ancient times seem to answer a lot of the questions from our today’s complex world. These include numerology such as angel numbers and twin flames.

For example, even nature’s own principles of individuality can be observed: there are no two stones, two leaves, or two trees that are the same. They are all individual and unique.

So Takanta’s core principles of its spiritual philosophy are based not just on numerology systems such as twin flames and angel numbers (for example: 555 repeating sequences and angel numbers that symbolize love), but also on nature’s own fundamental laws of the universe too.

This is why Takanta is believed to be not only the most advanced school of thought but also the most compassionate and most understanding.

No one wants to be told what they are doing wrong. It's way more effective to be shown what you are already doing right and then double down on it.

Takanta teaches you to not be concerned about your differences. It teaches you to thrive in this world precisely because of your unique differences not despite them.

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